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Inox uses by Industry

Click on your industry to see what INOX can do for you!

Automotive (Auto Electricians, doors & door locks, panel beating & body shops, mechanical repairs, engine rebuilding, fule injection & carburetors)

Aviation (penetration & protection, Crop dusting & Aerial spraying, lubrication)

Commercial (office, commercial & small engine, plumbing & welders)

Electrical (switches, plugs & light fittings, relays, solenoids & regulators, motors, generators & power boards)

Electronics (circuits, multi-pin plugs & keyboards, micro-switches, valves & variable condensers, telephones systems, radios, televisions and antennas)

Engineering (cutting, taping & milling, stamping & punching, weldings & coatings, lubrication & penetration, soluble oil cuting lubricants, hot caustic cleaning baths)

Farming (Tractors, Harvesters, Stationary Plant & equipment, Sheep Shearing, Poultry & Egg Farms)

Firearms (handguns, rifles & shot guns, gunsmiths)




Manufacturing (Food & Beverage, Clothing & Textile, Aluminum & Sheet Metal, Timber & Saw Mills, Pneumatic Control Systems)

Marine (penetration, lubrication, engineering, protection)

Mining (Earth moving machinery, Salt Mining, winches, cables, shackles, splines & couplings, underground pump motors & electrical systems, Aggregate grading & Conveyor Systems)

Sports (golf, skateboards, roller blades, skates, bicycles, go karts, motocross, gym & tennis equipment)

Transportation (lubrication, doors & door locks, protection & penetration, electrical systems, electric powered forklifts, salt-sea environment, truck interiors,

bug remover)