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Frequently asked questions of MX4 Lanox Lanolin Lubricant


LANOX is a Lanolin based anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant.

What difference is there between LANOX and INOX?

LANOX has been designed for a more heavy duty application than the original INOX, it is not food grade approved like INOX because it contains Lanolin, solvents and oil, it has no adverse effect on rubber.

Can I use LANOX for any applications that I would normally use INOX?

In about 70% of instances LANOX & INOX will have the same results as both contain no silicon, acids, kerosene or dieselene. They are both top quality lubricants, cutting agents and anti-moisture, anti-corrosion sprays.

What are the areas that LANOX would be preferred over INOX?

For example LANOX is more suitable in certain marine applications such as Anchors, Chains & Shackle Bolts and in the protection of Outboard & Inboard Motors. INOX would be best used in areas such as Marine Radios, Sail Tracks (non-staining) and the protection of stainless & aluminium fittings ( good for polishing stainless steel, aluminium & fibreglass). For use in Firearms, LANOX is best used for long term storages purposes whereas INOX has better applications for the day to day cleaning and lubrication (anti-static) so it doesn’t attract dirt and helps clean barrel residues easier.

Does LANOX have applications in the Farming Industry?

Because of it’s Lanolin base it has good long term applications in areas such as cutter bars on headers, lawnmowers, linkages, etc to protect against rust and corrosion (spray onto moving parts to give protection during stand down periods). LANOX is a good anti-corrosion agent for bare metals in storage, stock crates or as a protectant after welding. LANOX is also a good long term lubricant for areas that traditionally receive little maintenance attention (ie. gate hinges, stationary motors, etc.)

Does LANOX have applications for Earthmoving Equipment?

LANOX can be used as long term lubrication for linkages, cables couplings, etc and for corrosion protection in electrical systems as well as an anti-seize on track bolts and wheel studs.

Can LANOX be used as a cutting lubricant?

Yes, tests conducted prior to it’s release found that LANOX is an effective cutting, milling, tapping and thread cutting lubricant for a variety of metals.

It is especially effective on aluminium.