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Frequently asked questions of MX2

What is MX2 Battery Conditioner?

INOX Battery Conditioner is an electro-chemical catalyst that can be added to all lead-acid batteries to increase the performance and life of the battery.

What are the benefits of adding MX2 Battery Conditioner to a lead-acid battery?

It helps stop the crystallization of lead sulphate on the plates, increases battery life by up to 2 to 3 times, increases battery efficiency by 18%, gives brighter lights, faster starts & recharge.

Will MX2 Battery Conditioner work in older batteries?

Providing the older battery has only a sulphate problem and is mechanically sound, INOX Battery Conditioner should add another 1 to 2 years life to the battery. NB. There is about a 2 – 3% failure rate when adding INOX Battery Conditioner to batteries that are more than 2 years old.

What is the MX2 Battery Conditioners manufacturer’s warranty?

When INOX Battery Conditioner is added to a new battery in the first 2 weeks and the completed warranty form is sent to Candan Industries Pty Ltd, there will be an additional full replacement warranty on the battery equal to the battery manufacturer’s warranty to maximum of 12 months and will start the day the battery manufacturer’s warranty expires. EG. Battery with 6 months battery manufacturer’s warranty gets an additional 6 months with the INOX Battery Conditioner ( I B C ) (making 12 warranty in total). 12 months BMW plus 12 months I B C (24 months in total). 24 months BMW plus 12 months I B C (36 months in total).