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Lawn Mower/Small Engine/Weed Eater Medic (click on photo to order)

12 oz bottle $15.99

Lawn Mower/Small Engine/Weed Eater Medic is specifically designed for lawn mowers, small engines and weed eaters. This market endures long periods of non-use and/or element exposure. It is spedcifically designed and packaged for that use. Lawn Mower/Small Engine/Weed Eater Medic is designed for treating gasoline, gasohol and ethanol fuels. It uses a proprietaryblend of our Ethanol Medic and the newly patented Mannich PEA Technology Detergents. This highly concentrated product provides very effective CCS (Combustion Chamber Deposits), PFI (Port Fuel Injection) and IVD (Intake Valve Deposits) cleaning this dramatically improves performance and fuel economy. Highly effective at preventing Phase Seperation in gasoline's containing Ethanol. It rejuvenates fuels and prevents the formation of gums, varnish and deposits that often prevent the east start this equipment.

*Designed for small and high performance engines

* Increase octane by 2 points

* Turns regular fuel into premium

* Fully formulated gasoline additive

* Newly patented Mannich PEA Detergent Technology

* Proprietary carrier

* Totally disperses water

* CCD (Combustion Chamber Deposit) cleaner

* IVD (Intake Valve Deposit) cleaner

* PFI (Port Fuel Injector) cleaner

* Corrosion protection

* Prevents phase seperation

Available in 1 ounce pouch (treats up to 8 gallons) and 12 ounce bottle (treats up to 30 gallons).