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INOX for Sports

INOX anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant is the best all round product for trouble free maintenance and protection of your sporting equipment, whether it's your favourite fishing reel, traction engine or ultralight, if it has a cable, chain, bearing, bush, nut, bolt, screw, etc, that needs lubrication or protection from moisture orcorrosion, use INOX. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

GOLF: Use INOX to clean, polish and protect the heads and shafts of golf clubs and golf bags. Use INOX to lubricate to the wheels and protect your golf buggy against corosion. Use it on electric and fuel driven golf carts to lubricate steering & throttle cables & linkages and keeps the electrics & battery terminals & cables, corrosion and moisture free.

SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER BLADES, SKATES, BICYCLES, ETC: Use inox to lubricate the roller bearings, chains & brake & gear change cables, keeps them clean and protected from corrosion.

GO KARTS, MOTO-CROSS BIKES, ETC: Use.INOX to lubricate chain drives, control cables and linkages, keeps moisture and corrosion out of the electrical systems. Spray on body work before racing to stop mud from wet tracks sticking(easy to wash off).

JOHN KNOX - Champion Go Kart Driver: "I have tried all of those so called great 'WD TYPE PRODUCTS' local and imported, but INOX is still working and doing the job long after the others have dried up. INOX, is simply the best, I wouldn't use anything else".

GYM AND TENNIS EQUIPMENT: Use INOX on rowing, pedaling and walking machines, for pulleys & cables on weight lifting equipment, keqps tennis net tensioners and ball servicing egjpjpme/?? lubricated, moisture and corrosion free.

HARNESS RACING: Use INOX to lubricate Gig(sulky) wheel bearings, spray INOX on a cloth and use to clean and polish Gigs(stops mud and dirt from sticking, easier to keep clean). Use INOX to polish and protect harness gear (CAUTION: iNOX is a good protectant for leather, but it may slightly darken the leather finish).


"There is no substitute for quality "