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INOX for Marine

INOX anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant is ideal for marine use, it doesn't dry out or wash off with water, it's non-conductive and non-staining and stops electrolysis between aluminum and stainless steel in salt water.

PENETRATION: INOX will readily free rusted and salt corroded boat fittings & parts, light fittings & switches, hinges & locks, steering cables, shackle bolts, slides, etc. Using INOX on an ongoing basis will keep these items in a good serviceable condition for their full intended life.

LUBRICATION: Use INOX to lubricate cables, locks & hinges, linkages, slides,, winches, starter motors, generators, alternators, sliding windows, & doors, sail tracks (ideal), deck pulleys, towing balls & couplings and other equipment or fittings that requires a good anti-corrosion lubricant.

ENGINEERING: INOX is a very good lubricant for cutting, drilling, tapping and machining aluminum & stainless steel. With aluminum it stops tool chatter & tool creep, tearing & burring, leaves a very fine, clean cut finish. INOX is also a good tapping and thread cutting lubricant for copper rod, brass & /none/ nuts used on the larger old style timber sailing boats & fishing trawlers. Use INOX on carborundum stones for sharpening knives, hooks, chisels, etc.

PROTECTION: For protection from corrosion and damaging moisture spray INOX on outboard motors, power legs, into all light fittings & switches on boats and trailers, electronic circuits, wiring harness, radios, antennas, radar dishes, starter motors, generators, alternators, gauges, air conditioning and refrigeration fan motors.

Anywhere corrosion is a problem, use INOX Anti-corrosion lubricant.

The N.A.T.O Code No Z5594/5 for INOX was at request on behalf of the R.A.N.

R. McLEOD, AIRLIFT SUPER CRAFT: " I hire all different types of Hovercraft, large and small on the east coast of Australia, powered with Briggs & Stratton

motors right up to the bigger Detroits and G.M.s. Up until 3-4 years ago I had all sorts of corrosion problems with fan blades and motors, but now when the hovercraft

come in ,we hose everything, motors, fan blades, the lot with fresh water and spray everything with a good coating of INOX. I haven't had the slightest problem with corrosion for years. Anyone who owns a boat, has just got to use INOX, the stuffs magic".


"There is no substitute for quality"