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INOX Lubricant for Aviation


N.A.T.O. Defence Manufacturers Code No. Z5594/5

PENETRATION & PROTECTION: INOX anti-corrosion lubricant will quickly free up corroded and seized parts, make corrosion easier to remove, stops electrolysis between aluminium and other metals, protects from corrosion on aluminium/alloy panels, seams and joints (inside wings, tail planes, etc) and keeps out moisture. Protects micro-switches on retractable undercarriages from moisture and corrosion.

CROP DUSTING AND AERIAL SPRAYING: INOX is good for removing chemical dust and spray from the under side of the wings and fuselage. INOX will not effect aluminium or paint finishes. INOX is good for cleaning and buff polishing aluminium surfaces.

The oldest DC3 aircraft in Australia is now on display at The Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. This old aircraft has been restored using INOX anti-corrosion lubricant. INOX has been sprayed into all the fuselage panels, inside the wings and tail plane to protect the aluminium panels and parts from corrosion. The Queensland Air Museum has several other veteran and WW 2 aircraft on display and they are all serviced and protected with INOX anti-corrosion lubricant.

The DCS aircraft 'VHCXE' was Gen. Douglas MacArthur's personal aircraft during the Allied Campaign in the Pacific during WW 2.

QUEENSLAND AIR MUSEUM: " INOX is the best product we have ever used for servicing, it frees up parts and makes corrosion easy

to remove and stops corrosion from reforming. We have found it the best for machining aluminium, it is the ideal product for all types

of work on aircraft. We totally recommend it". Maintenance crew manager.

LUBRICATION: INOX is considered to be the best cutting oil lubricant for aluminum and and it's alloys. It stops the problems of tool chatter, tool creep, furring and burring that is usually associated with the drilling, tapping, cuttmg or machining of this metal. INOX can be used to lubricate throttle linkages, control cables & pulleys, hinges, locks, slides and couplings. Protects and polishes rotor blades. INOX is good for all aircraft servicing.

The industrial quality and versatile ability of INOX anti-moisture lubricant makes this product a valuable asset for the repair, servicing and maintenance of all aircraft and equipment.