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Gas/Marine Medic

Available size:

32oz Bottle

Fuel Medic Gas/Marine Medic uses the best fuel

additive technology. This technology is achieved by combining 60% of regular Ethanol Medic formula with an additional 40% of special detergents and additives that create a masterpiece in fuel additive technology.

Fuel Medic Gas/Marine Medic is known for it special additives that remove carbon build-up and cleaning the inside of the engine in one use. Gas/Marine

Medic contains no alcohols.

Why Gas/Marine Medic?

Gas/Marine Medic:

  • Removes water
  • Improves atomization of fuels.
  • Inhibits corrosion.
  • Stops fuel line freeze ups.
  • Slows oxidation of fuels.
  • Stabilizes fuels.
  • Octane improver.
  • Cleans carburetors and combustion chamber deposits.
  • Creates easy starts.
  • Slows sludge formation in engine oil.
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi in fuel.

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