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Ethanol Medic

Available sizes:

8 oz & 32oz Bottles, 1 gallon Jug

Ethanol Medic is specially formulated to treat ethanol blended fuels and any side effects caused by the ethanol. This distinct formula reduces moisture in fuel systems and fuel tanks. Ethanol Medics unique, unmatched water dispersion technology does not emulsify or encapsulate water. Ethanol Medic creates a permanent chemical change, changing H2O permanently and bonding its chemical to the fuel chain, no longer posing a threat to the fuel. Special detergents clean the engine from the inside out, leaving fuel systems, combustion chambers and calves in optimal shape. This organic based product will stabilize fuel up to 2 years.

Why Ethanol Medic?

Ethanol Medic will:
  • Remove water from the fuel.
  • Clean moisture from fuel and tanks.
  • Prevent phase separation.
  • Increase mileage.
  • Improve engine efficiency.
  • Improve fuel atomization.
  • Inhibit corrosion and slows fuel oxidation.
  • Avoid and prevent costly repairs.

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