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Diesel Cleaner

Available sizes:

12oz & 32oz Bottles,

1 gallon & 2.5 gallon Jug

Fuel Medics Diesel Cleaner improves Cetane 4 to 6 points and removes algae and water from your fuel. Fuel Medics uses a state of the art technology that removes the moisture from your fuel by not allowing the algae and bacteria to form. In the event that impurities are present, our special detergents dissolve them slowly and enhance the life of your filters. In addition, Fuel Medics Diesel Cleaner will atomized the fuel into a smaller droplet, causing the fuel to get a clean burn, reducing and removing soot. This process makes your engine more fuel efficient providing more power and at the same time, reducing exhaust emissions. Fuel Medics Diesel Cleaner is an excellent additive for super cold weather as it does not allow fuel lines to freeze up.

Why Diesel Cleaner?

Fuel Medics Diesel Cleaner provides:

  • Lubricity to meet or exceed all OEM specifications
  • Anti-gel protection
  • Lower CFPP and PP 25F to 35F
  • Disperses water - both dissolved and free
  • Improves Fuel Injector cleanliness to meet or exceed Cummins L-10 specifications
  • Inhibits corrosion to meet or exceed Cummins N-14 specifications.

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