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Available in the following sizes

22 oz Spray Bottle Fuel & Oil Spill Eliminator

Ready to Use

1 gallon jug, 2.5 gallon jug, 55 gallon drum & 275 gallon tote

Industrial Strength

5 gallon Pail, 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote

What is De-Oil-It?

De-Oil-It Fuel & Oil Spill Eliminator instantly eliminates fuel & oil spills on or near the water and will work on all type of petroleum-based products. De-Oil-It Fuel & Oil Spill Eliminator is great to keep close at hand while on your boat or near a fuel pump. It will eliminate explosive fumes, reducing the risk of fire and explosion. It will eliminate petroleum waste from toxic soil up to 100 feet below the surface.

What is De-Oil-It?

DE-OIL-IT is non-toxic and totally biodegradable. It is not petroleum or citrus based. It does not contain enzymes or microbes. Instead, DE-OIL-IT simply detoxifies the petroleum molecules so that they can no longer kill bacteria. This enables the many types of naturally occurring bacteria to consume the petroleum waste at a normal pace. DE-OIL-IT helps restore the earth’s natural cycle of decomposition to break down what is dead and then reintroduce it back as a healthy medium ready to support new life. DE-OIL-IT’s combination of superior cleaning performance, environmental friendliness cost savings and safety to businesses clearly sets it apart as the environmental product for the twenty-first century.

DE-OIL-IT is a next generation Degreaser/Degrader that cleans grease, fuel & oil spills found throughout the remediation industry better than any others sold today. In fact, the outstanding cleaning and degreasing ability of DE-OIL-IT is so completely through that when applied correctly, not even a trace of hydrocarbons will remain. DE-OIL-IT also helps eliminate the dangerous fuel vapors that can cause fires and explosions.

The best part about DE-OIL-IT is that after the spill or stain is eliminated, there is no mess to clean up. This is because DE-OIL-IT keeps cleaning the run-off that goes into the ground, sewers, or drains. In fact, DE-OIL-IT’s run-off will help eliminate petroleum waste deposits made from past spills or cleaning projects. This is a huge cost savings bonus to the businesses that incorporate DE-OIL-IT into their maintenance program.

Since DE-OIL-IT cleans and eliminates grease, fuel, and oil waste from just about every surface and reachable subsurface, it has become the perfect go-to product for many of today’s environmental remediation companies. Some of these include the land remediation companies, ocean remediation companies, reclaimed oil companies, emergency response companies, fuel & oil tank remediation companies, Home heating companies, and more.